Bastard Art (WITH LYRICS)

by Sex Gang Children



released January 1, 2002

Arranged By, Performer (All Music And Noise Generated By) – Sex Gang Children
Art Direction – Andi Sex Gang, Christian Thompson
Coordinator (Project Co-ordination) – Carlton P Sandercock
Design – Christian Thompson @ Lithium Design
Performer (Sex Gang Children) – Andi Sex Gang, Carl Magnusson, Kevin Matthews, Martin Olofsson, Matthew Saw (tracks: Matthew James Saw)
Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By – Andi Sex Gang
Recorded By, Mixed By – Rob McClymont
Written-By – Andi Sex Gang (tracks: 1 to 8, 10 to 17)



all rights reserved


ANDI SEX GANG / SEX GANG CHILDREN (Liberation London) London, UK

Liberation London - UK record label - Founded in 2016 by Andreas McElligott, (frontman of historic goth/ post-punk band Sex Gang Children).

Please look forward to the many projects that will emerge from this independent label.
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Track Name: Bastard Art
BASTARD ART (Andi Sex Gang)

The I is dead, long live the I. The future is freedom, the state of art is a classic ruin, heroes no musos!
The fall of favour shakes your glory, dignity is not for sale. The future is freedom!
Track Name: The Bormann Chain

Oh the bright young things go ape-shit crazy, drink black water and always malpractice with their Asiatic resignation, with their outstretched arms just like Cicero. You will yet have the aura of a true murderer...yeah, I took you for a killer did you take me out of kindness? No, I am not a christian writer, but yeah I took you for a killer did you take me out of kindness? I am no christian writer! Yeah! I took you for a killer...I took you for a killer!
All day and everyday I'm gathered to sack, where the star spangled banner plays our tune. It's a flame beauty cruelty that upholds annuity for the cow that jumped over the moon. Hate...don't shoot! He's fished and fiercest when under the sun, but kingdom comes from the point of a gun...kingdom comes!
He once had ten fingers...and now there are none.
Track Name: Home
HOME (Andi Sex Gang)

Words that changed the world were never taught before, in a darkened cage you swore to me. In the light of day I see my stolen self, poverty and greed I have no need. Smile and sorrow kind of go, let me grieve or let me know, let me steal where I find pain. Demonise those Jesus eyes just another day, the sum of man is all that he can. Images of war came knocking at my door, across the land the troubled man is out of hand.
Super bug in the blink of an eye, death jet race all over my face, back on line no guarantee witness to a television murder spree! Red West knows best when he jumps onto charity, dirty birty and flirty Flo show me the way to go home.
Motorways and takeaways and mercury at Safeways and you don't need a gun says Saatchi. "You're so full of shite!" said the modern Moscovite, "I'm used to the murder of millions."
Presidents eating residents who sleep with their dogs instead of their wives, it's all pussy to me. Show me the way to go home. Obsession, possession, malnutrition rhythm...the Moscow mule is not such a fool. Trader rogue back in vogue...has it really come to this? Show me the way to go home.
Track Name: Freedom Street

A stranger's tale in a crowded place, the stomach hangs on a beardless face. Kings and Queens bow and cry no more, sorrow be wails in empty halls. Marianne all over you, these devil souls are the death of me.
Mortal thoughts of you did sex me there, thick my blood upon me, no peace between us. These serpent wounds bare for all to see, carry the flag to Freedom Street.
Track Name: Slave
SLAVE (Andi Sex Gang)

Slaves! Oh you mother fucking slaves, oh you mother celebrate in your old guise I see you.

Real politic is feeling very sick with the golden queens of old karaoke, visions of peace in the middle east in the breast of religion.
Slaves oh you mother fucking slaves, oh you mother celebrate in your old guise I see you.

Shoot the bride and shoot the groom, I slept with all the women in that room. In order to please I went down on my knees, take the best of me. Slaves oh you mother fucking slaves, oh you brother celebrate in your old guise I see you.
Here comes another in your hangover culture. Oh mercy, Novena I beseech you. In the bastard state of flesh and blood, oh Bishop boy tell would you steal or starve? Sermon drunk and fever pitched comes the hand of hate and the hand of love.
Track Name: Saraband For Dead Lovers

I dreamed a race...a Theban harvest, golden face broken down. Mother most scorned please take these flowers, touch my face and tell me who I am.
Fall asleep you timeless beings...stand me straight, but don't blow me down. I learnt in the woods that all speech is related, touch my face and I'll tell you who I am. When I sleep I wonder...when I sleep I wonder.
Holy child stones come alive, I can see all that you see. The Saints that weep are the ones that I keep, save us from the rain.
When I sleep I wonder...holy child stones come alive, make believe all you believe, sweet and soul it's hard to explain gravy for the brain.
When I sleep I and dream I wonder.
When I sleep I and dream they wonder.
Track Name: Politik Is Dead

Politik is dead...welcome to consumer fascism!
Track Name: Dead Man's Hill
DEAD MAN'S HILL (Andi Sex Gang)

I played the fool on Dead Man's Hill...was the only thing I could have done, but that mask just stuck to me...hang my face and don't turn around. Weasel words that bite the hook follow me into the flame, courtesan call to arms she brought pills and I brought the gun. That trout fish arse stole my heart in a world I can't kiss anymore, in your face and out of space in the silence I came after you...sweet solo.
I paid the price for all things nice, abandoned to the license of Rome. In monotone and market squares oh, I could've if I had been pissed, but I'm fucking more words no more roses for you. You can die free of charge with a hole in my heart just for you...sweet solo.
Track Name: Black Eyed Dog

A black eyed dog called at my door, the black eyed dog he called for more.
A black eyed dog he knew my name.
I'm growing old and I want to go home, I'm growing old and I don't want to know.
A black dog called at my door, a black eyed dog he called for more.
Track Name: Propaganda
PROPAGANDA (Andi Sex Gang)

In the Fatherland in Disneyland or all England...burning, burning!
They say religion the wounded pigeon is back in fashion, I said you're joking you must be smoking some kind of thing. Take Las Vegas in a cab take a stab all or nothing, with ice cold hands your solitude stays with me. Give me concrete and steel wake up and make believe, Mickey Mouse on the bed or all in my head?
Give me Jesus in the arena going down nice and dirty, where Man is mortal God is always clean. I fell from the sky...I was born in a bed, is it right to ask why...all in my head?
Honesty and poverty are strangers to me, humanity is what I used to be. The mediocre have taken over, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda!
I am a cow I am a horse where the truth is a stranger, where the neighbours on the payroll shoot me down nice and dirty. Infra red on the wall, which one of us will fall? So free me from the preachies save me from myself, eat a Fuck Mac fuel my brain, Soylent Green once again...mea culpa, mea ultima culpa!
Psycho siege urban wine at the end of the line, do you hate or do you feel? Feed your head!
Strange love in Jakarta, or is it the metric martyr? Praise the women who kill, feed your head! I kiss the saints who are dead, I kiss the witches in their bed, taste the blood if it's real...feed your head!
Bless the bed I lay upon, bless the Angels around my head, shudder me if I'm wrong...hear my breath.
Track Name: Circus Days
CIRCUS DAYS (Andi Sex Gang)

This land is a tomb democracia in danger, fist on the phone you're never alone . I am the prisoner of music hall deep in the heart of darkness, so arm the boys with my old friend megalomania.
With the Devil in your head and Jesus in the house, it's a religious riot don't you deny it. Congo war Hezbollah you are what you are, but in the eyes of Stalin you are my darling. Flood aid or bad on television Tuesday, suicide guide televised, right before your very eyes...circus days.
Talk peace make war it's the virgin and the whore, wigs at war America is waiting. Bonanza a virtual reality net the children as far as you can see, then go tell ETA it will get better...circus days.
Give me, give me, give me! Is this jackpot or have we lost the plot? And everyone's so full of their own fucking propaganda. So...harvest me with a rotten death and I'll take you by the arse and screw you, in the sorrow of self interest is God mad to the sound of music? Circus days...
I will tell you the truth about the cross and the crown, no pain no gain betrayed but not beaten...circus days.
Track Name: After The Fall
AFTER THE FALL (Andi Sex Gang)

Some blind men say "Yell to be heard!" St. Barbarone swollen like a drum, smell the blood bullets on the floor. Cruelty unleashed devouring the flame, love and hate will dominate, I feared for the actor I screamed for the stage. Angels and insects alone in their cage, after the fall her to him bad leg religion where madness is king. Queen of assassination do not denounce me, stand on a drum give up the throne! Hammer the wind that's make you sin, suck in the skin that you're living in! After the fall her to him, shaking your stick at that old fog of war.
Drink and drink to the teachers of selfishness and the vulgarity that follows...recht und ordnung!
Track Name: Joy
JOY (Andi Sex Gang)

I don't want to kill...I just want to hear the noise...
Say revolution who'll love you now? Say revolution all the way!
Start it up in front of me, you betray all I can see with holygram and X-ray vision too.
A devil's nob a witches' tale a story told beyond the veil with Superman and Jesus too.
Say revolution who'll love you now? Say revolution all the way!
Captain Bob and the porno priest, crash spill migrant at my feet, I thought of murder then I thought of you.
Numbered bones and Russian roulette, suck and see lest you forget you bit off more than you can chew.
Won't you say revolution, who'll love you now? Say revolution all the way! Star dollar money food for their eyes, won't you say revolution all the way?
Live in a state of irony the bastion of nationality with the courage of fools I now know what to do. Protest the flag that's all of me forever and ever what will be, the silence is but a dream of the womb.
One day you'll be cleansed away Rasputin in a devil's cage where the bogey man will always come for you.
The deed is done a gift from Mars, a perfect kiss on a long shore drift.
Say revolution who'll love you now? Say revolution all the way. Long live the new flesh, long live the I...
Won't you say slaughter hive.
China play before the war, kick my head and you might score, pleasure and pain it's all the same!
Urban scrawl in the shopping mall, China hand in the neverland, in the gallery of absolute...the future begins.
Track Name: Sensual Heart

Sensual heart, sensual heart why walk away? Since you've been gone the wild have their way, nothing has changed. Make believe your God of the urban day, dancing strange dance away. Shine and shade oh Lord who is to blame? I looked for a priest shame upon me, nobody came. Beat him down hear her sing, then give me a skin for dancing in. The sound that I speak is all that I see, dangerous days everything's not quite what it seems. In the silver din that makes you sin, dancing strange dance away. Take me down raid my soul, is death the reconsiling priest? Spin baby spin! Take me down raid my soul, face without a face...the silence of Angels. Take me down raid my soul, no-one is innocent. Take me down raid my soul, the sound that I speak.
Track Name: Romeo Gazing
ROMEO GAZING (Andi Sex Gang)

All the makers and the fakers take a pill for a thousand ills, in the secrets of the sewer I betrayed you but
you love me still. The best lives are invented like the night with it's hidden dreams, while my arms were swinging to the whispers that buzzed in the breeze, but I'm not like everybody else. Origami and the Angel is it vision or fantasy? While those paladins and the poets tied to sell salvation to me, but I'm not like everybody else. I need a dollar I need a friend, instant replay until the end... touch and die with you.
Enrol in zoo mania let the cowboys in Hamburg see, down in Silencer City where the Devil danced with me, but I'm not like everybody else.
Track Name: Ariel
ARIEL (Andi Sex Gang/Kevin Matthews)

Solitude in the ivory pool with oily rags and painted hags. There is no soil in this tired soul, just the thin breast stone of the invading bone. And out of the way through the window deep in the clay, slanted and narrow hands. That gentleman's face is sombre caped, snug and still with his drum and bill. Black as death and hot as hell I came looking for you. In famous halls guns and celebration Balls where I dreamt I was a man. They numbered my bones and lest we forget the flim-flam man is part of the plan. Fight all the goddamns fight the dancing man, fading in the mirror follow in the flame and the blackness of your soul is the only goal that you pay heed to!
Master face never let you down...we dream, sorrow day is upon us now...we dream. Build it up and then break it dream.